In 1986 I was an engineering student that joined my collegiate debate team. I had tremendous success as a debater and before long I was hooked.

I went to Pepperdine Law School as a Dean's Merit Scholar, made the Dean's List and, after an externship with a Federal District Judge, graduated in 1993 with the sole purpose of getting in a courtroom just like Atticus Finch.

I joined a law firm full of remarkable lawyers that promised me I'd get time in a courtroom. They made good on that promise, letting me go to trial (and win) my first case just a few months after swearing into the bar.

Now having been a business attorney for over 21 years, I've been involved in many trials and arbitrations.

I've seen what works and what doesn't.

I explain how I try cases in more detail here. In short, my aim is to achieve the client's goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

I've also spent a lot of time helping clients with non-litigation matters. For many companies that never need to litigate, I serve as company counsel where I lend a hand with their other legal needs. I form and dissolve companies and address all the other day-to-day legal challenges they face.

I work with a carefully selected group of attorneys that have areas of focus my clients may need. Although I have a solo practice, my clients get the benefits of these other specialists whenever they are needed.

In addition to detailed legal knowledge, I bring a healthy measure of common sense to my clients' challenges.

As a solo practitioner, I often work with clients to provide services on a flat-fee basis and other non-traditional models so clients don’t feel pressured or hurried when communicating with me on their important matters.

Early in my practice I realized that as a small-firm lawyer, technology was my great equalizer and I put it to good use, allowing me to go against much larger law firms. I have a national reputation for my knowledge about how to effectively use technology in the practice of law and have been a lecturer at the American Bar Association on this subject for several years. I have also spoken to several state and local bar associations and the Federal Judicial College concerning using technology in the practice of law. You can learn more about me and technology right here.