What makes you the right lawyer for my kind of legal problem?

That depends. With my 21 years of experience, I've become quite handy to have around when forming and operating your business. I can also be of use if you find yourself in a legal dispute. For a lot of other problems, I'm not your man. In those cases, I'll help you find the right lawyer.

Who will mostly be working on my case?

I will be the only lawyer working on your case. One of the failings of larger law firms is that so many different people work on a case that no single person has complete knowledge. If you hire me as your lawyer, I will be the person doing the work, soup to nuts. The only exception is if your case requires an additional specialist and in those cases we will always discuss it first.

What will happen if I call your office or email you?

I love hearing from potential new clients. If you contact me, I'll look at your problem and then work with you to determine exactly what sort of help you need and if I can help you or if I can point you in the right direction of someone else that can help you.

If we decide I'm your guy, then we'll discuss exactly what services I'll be providing, the fees involved, and enter an engagement agreement. Then I'll roll up my sleeves and get to work.

How do you tend to handle your cases?

I look for common sense answers to my clients'  legal problems. I find that pro-actively looking at client challenges often lets me solve client problems before they get out of control. Protecting my clients this way is a large focus of my practice. When my clients get into legal disputes, I bring that same level of common sense into play. I find using strategy and planning in your dispute with early, aggressive discovery serves my clients' needs much better than the flame-thrower approach, which almost never works and always costs much more.

Can I afford you?

Based on my experience and knowledge, my fees are quite reasonable. I am very open with clients concerning fees and often negotiate flat-fee services. I do not want my clients to be surprised when they receive my bills, and I often consult with clients if their matters appear to be heading over (or under) budget. Because I'm a sole practitioner, I'm able to keep my overhead down and offer services for less than other attorneys with my experience.

What if I just need quick telephone advice and don't want to commit to a full-blown office appointment?

That is fine. Many of my best clients started out exactly this way. 

What if I'm worried about someone finding out I've talked to a lawyer?

Everything you talk to me about is subject to the attorney-client privilege. Nobody will ever know.

What if I call you and you're not really the right lawyer for my problem?

My goal is for you to be happy both at the beginning and the end of our relationship. If I'm not the right attorney for you, I will attempt to point you at the right one. 

What do other folks say about you?

Actually, they've been saying some pretty nice things.

I'm sure you've got more questions. That's okay. I've got more answers. Contact me.