Resolving business disputes through the modern legal system is frustrating, time-consuming, mentally draining, and ridiculously expensive.

But sometimes you have to file a lawsuit to enforce your rights.

Sometimes you’re the unwilling defendant in a business lawsuit.

Whether you filed the lawsuit or got dragged into it, you want to resolve the matter in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

That’s the most sensible approach, right?

I understand what business owners need and want from many years of first-hand experience.

I’ve spent over 20 years handling lawsuits like these:

  • I pursued a claim through judgment for breach of a business purchase transaction and obtained an award for not only unpaid sums but also lost profit on behalf of my client.
  • I brought a lawsuit for misappropriation of trade secrets when an employee stole my client’s customer list, ultimately resulting in a permanent order prohibiting the former employee from contacting my client’s customers.

  • I've litigated many breach of contract claims, obtaining judgments on behalf of my clients.

  • I obtained a special order allowing my client to freeze bank accounts of a non-paying customer and resulting in my client getting fully repaid by a company that went out of business shortly after.

  • I've litigated many cases for construction clients obtaining payment on previously disputed contracts.

  • I've filed and pursued lawsuits on behalf of shareholders of non-performing companies where managers and board of director members abused their position of trust toward the shareholders.

  • I've litigated cases to unwind fraudulent business transactions.

  • I've defended clients at the labor board and in the superior court in response to employee-initiated claims.

  • I've filed and pursued claims based on  mechanics’ liens, stop notices, construction bonds, and other construction related matters.

  • I've helped many clients obtain payment from non-paying accounts through legal process.

My approach to litigation is a bit different than many other lawyers.

First of all, I don’t believe in so-called “Rambo tactics.” Judges don’t like them, and disdain lawyers who use them. My good reputation at the courthouse has served me (and my clients) well over the years.

Aggressive lawyering may be popular on television, and many lawyers use overly-aggressive tactics because their clients expect them to. 

Lawyers who always have a contentious mindset are not very effective, despite what some clients are led to believe.

First of all, side-skirmishes are usually counter-productive, and almost always add significant (unnecessary) cost. The only people who benefits from this are lawyers. If I can resolve a dispute with a  phone call rather than an expensive lawsuit or motion, I will choose the phone call every time.

True, it’s sometimes necessary to be aggressive in litigation, but only if it serves a sensible, overall strategy.  I sometimes take an aggressive approach, but I never do so mindlessly or reflexively.

The first thing I do when I take on a new case is map out a strategy.

One of my goals as your lawyer will be to help you avoid litigation altogether. However, when you are in a dispute, my strategy for your case will be based on a rational assessment of the law and facts. Most clients appreciate this approach, and I like working with those kinds of clients.

Once in litigation, many lawyers delay conducting discovery. I push for early discovery in my cases to get the facts of the case on the table as soon as possible. The earlier I know the facts, the quicker I can assess the case with my client. This also often results in a significant savings in attorney fees to the client.

Also, I leverage technology to work faster and smarter. For example, I scan all paper and work from digital files, so that I can access key information instantly, anytime, anywhere, even from out of the office.

I help sensible business owners who understand the importance of using a strategic approach to litigation, and who want to resolve disputes in an efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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