I hired David last year to help me with an issue I was having with a former employee. I had hired other Attorneys before I hired David and to tell you the truth I was losing faith in ever thinking I could ever find an attorney that had integrity. Finally after asking someone who went to my church if he knew an attorney, that I could trust, to help me with my case, that I was referred to David Sparks. I still was hesitant, but after speaking with David, and a lot of prayer, I was confident I could trust him. I am here to tell you, he did an absolutely brilliant job for me, and even after placing a retainer with him, he gave me back the remainder of the money that was left in that retainer, which was almost one half! He is not only the most honest attorney I’ve ever met ( how many people can really say that) but I feel that he is also a good friend.
— Jan Buchanan
David is one of my most valuable assets in business: He is a trusted advisor and an exceptional lawyer who perfectly understands the priorities and challenges of an entrepreneur and business owner. His expert advice has helped me navigate through both rough and calm business waters with confidence, and stay focused on my objectives. Having compared hundreds of attorneys in my own personal network, it’s my conclusion that no success-oriented business professional should be without an advisor of David’s caliber.
— James Coleman, CEO, TechRoom

I have been fortunate to have had David Sparks as my corporate attorney for many years. His professionalism and work ethic is what differentiates him from other attorneys that I employed in the past. I highly recommend his representation as the best possible choice in legal counsel.
— Brynn Downey

When I started our family business in my enthusiasm and eagerness to get our company established, I would sell to anyone and everybody that needed our product. And because of my enthusiasm, there were certain customers that began to neglect payment of products sold to them. That’s when I met David Sparks.

If it weren’t for his help, most likely we would not be in business today. Since then, David Sparks has made sure that we follow all state and federal regulations. It’s a great relief to me knowing that we have someone that is there to help us in time of need, and that is David Sparks.
— Charles Huereque, Bingo West
As a business owner for 20+ years, I’ve dealt with many attorneys and firms.
I am blessed to have met David, for I have come to have a deep respect for
his knowledge of the law, his common sense and honesty. David is the type of
person that I strive to ‘surround myself’ with, both personally and
— Brent Poole, CEO, Firehouse Medical

David is a rarity among lawyers: a thoughtful advisor who helps clients avoid litigation, but also savvy courtroom advocate. David has learned how to use technology to create computer-based graphics that help make complex ideas seem simple and obvious—which is a powerful persuasive skill that no doubt unsettles his adversaries.
— Ernie Svenson