The world today moves fast and a business model that worked yesterday may not work today. You've got to be flexible and ready to pivot when you least expect it.

And change isn’t the only threat to your business. You’ve also got competitors (big and small), ever-changing government regulation, and sometimes even your employees working against you. Legal threats exist to your business and you need to identify them before it’s too late. 

Despite all of these challenges, you are pulling it off. You’ve taken the risks and built a successful business.

It’s all easy now, right? Wrong.

In today’s world you need common-sense, practical legal advice every day. You need someone to bounce ideas off, to tell you when you’ve really got something, and to tell you when you are about to run full speed off a cliff. That’s where I come in.

I’ve been a business lawyer for over 24 years.

I’ve seen traditional law firms that give clients answers as indecipherable as their bills. Before long, you are afraid to call your lawyer and wondering exactly what it is you are paying for. I bring outstanding legal service to my business clients without the nonsense.

I’ll help you avoid problems before disputes arise. I help clients negotiate and document agreements, catch (and solve) little problems before they become big problems, and generally help my clients succeed. I do this every day for clients.

When disputes arise—and despite your best efforts they sometimes will—I’ll also represent you in court. I’ve spent a lot of time in the trenches over the years and I know how to enforce and protect your rights strategically and cost effectively.

I use technology to make my clients look great.

I am a nationally recognized speaker and lecturer on using technology in the practice of law. I'm a regular faculty member for the American Bar Association and I've spoken to the federal judicial college. I've written several books on the subject and use technology to make my clients look great. You can learn more about me and technology right here.

You deserve great service.

Clients deserve great service and I work extra hard to give it to them. I make myself available to you in many ways: in person, by phone, by email, on Skype, and face to face. I’ll even travel to your offices if that’s convenient. And at no extra charge. Crazy, right? Not really. Like I said, I aim to provide exceptional service. And when I aim at something, I usually succeed.

After all these years, I still love being a lawyer.

My greatest satisfaction is becoming an essential team member for my clients, helping them grow, protecting them from legal peril, and playing a role in their ultimate success.

My clients range from multi-million dollar companies to a few guys with a laptop and a great idea. I'm always looking for a few more quality people to work with. If that’s you, contact me.

-David Sparks